World Champion Skysurfer, Rob Harris


My stock footage portfolio is extensive.  Through most of my career, I shot 35mm motion picture film and the footage is beautiful.  I am now skydiving primarily with a Red EPIC camera, and I believe the quality of my work has only improved.

Skydiving Stock Footage:
, Skysurfing
, Plane to Plane Transfer
, Free Falling Cars
, Arctic Circle Ski Jump,
Skydive with Boogie board, 
, Skydiving in Chains
, George Bush Skydives, 
Jump with no Parachute
, Impact footage, 
Snowboard BASE jumping
, Camera Flying
, Stock TV Commercials
, Free Flying
, Free Fall Dummy, 
Free Falling Living Room
, World Record Formation Skydive, 
Airspeed 4way and 8way world champion skydiving team,
 Wing suit flight
, Mid Air Rescue…..

Skydiving Projects for TV:  In addition to my high quality stock portfolio, I also filmed a variety of stunts that are available to license for television broadcast.  The footage has been aired in the past, but continues to sell because the content is compelling.  I built a stock footage website dedicated only to showing some of these special projects.  The website is called Xfootage, and you can view clips there.  Please feel free to contact me about any of these projects.  Joe Jennings +1310 543 2222 or email


The “Endless Vault” is pretty simple. If its aerial, and you need it, I have it.

Tell me what you’re after: the action, wardrobe, everything. Based on your detailed description, I’ll find the footage and send you quicktime proofs. No strings attached.

 You license the footage only if you want it.

The following are stock projects:
 Good Morning Miami, Covert Affairs, Business Unusual, Energizer, Durban, Zion, Gray’s Anatomy, Monk PI, Blossom, Pretender, Worlds of Wonder, Sudden Stop, Epic Weather, Winston, Dominos, Milford Federal, Sony, Action Man, Proud Hotels Japan, Shell, FogDog.  Many of these are featured on my demo reel.

Joe Jennings
+1 310 543-2222