carexit2I believe I've filmed more than 100 flying cars and trucks.  We started with Honda Civics at Skydive Arizona and moved on to station wagons, hot rods, trucks, mini-vans, all kinds of vehicles.  One of the great things we accomplished was finding out how to keep the cars upright, wheels to earth, in free fall.  The footage we got from these projects was stunning, and it just motivated us to do more.  Flying With Cars

Lexus - Gravity

Unknown type of the video. Check your video link.

Lexus - Gravity

Skydiving with a Jeep

Dune Buggies etc...

Sonic - Making Of 1

Making a Car Fly

Diving from a Toyota

Flying Infiniti Frame

Free-fall Car

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My good friend, and co-conspiritor, Greg Gasson has also posted SKYDIVING CARS on his website.