Joe Jennings exits with a Red Epic filming a stunt with his Aerial Cinematography team.

Joe Jennings and Skydive.tv is the premier Aerial Cinematography company throughout  Southern California, United States, and have shot throughout the world. Specializing in both airlift support for skydiving and providing stunt coordination for your unique needs to showcase and tell your story, we can assist you in all your Aerial Cinematography needs.

Aerial Locations

With our variety of locations to choose from, we are able to accommodate your production needs! If you are looking for ocean, desert, or mountainous views, we can easily assist production and offer a variety of locations to meet your needs. Got Junk? Well, we are have pushed and filmed over 100 cars in free fall, so the only limit may be one’s imagination!

Aerial Camera Equipment

We use state of the art camera equipment including the use of HD camera equipment, 35mm Film, or Red Cameras. No production is too big or too small for us to coordinate. Our Aerial Cinematography production staff can assist you with location, aerial coordination, stunt work, and can work with your production staff throughout the conceptual phase of the project to either refine or share with you the endless possibilities which are available. Our Aerial Cinematography team has worked on web casts, reality shows, national commercials with production companies working with agencies to produce Skydiving commercials for the Super Bowl, and  full featured movies.

Only your imagination may be the limit to what is possible for your Aerial Cinematography needs. Imagine capturing the pure fear or sense of accomplishment in a lifestyle piece for your brand or message you are trying to convey to your clientele, or think of the emotional impact that your product will leave on the viewer seeing a person or product fly through the air! How about a car being airlifted with passengers in it and then diving out of the vehicle, or the image of a flying car in free fall and then smashing into the ground (Stuntmen not included in the smashing part) or floating back down to Terra Firma under a speciality made parachute.

Our professional Aerial Cinematography  team comes with over 75 years of stunt work, coordination, production experience, and aerial videography experience. Please visit our team of professionals for an in depth look at our experience and know that you are working with the top people in the industry to help you produce and capture the most amazing footage for your product or service you want to portray.